The Go-To Stats:

Status: Outlining, Brainstorming

Word Count: (38K)/Aiming for 100K

Genre: Psychological Sci-fi

Audience: Young Adult

Feat: Libraries + Coffee Boys + Mental Illness

Elektriem Pinterest Board


Under Construction and Revision

Character Collages

I actually couldn’t find the exact likeness, but this’ll do…
Don’t ask me why there’s a railroad track. I just like the idea.
The arsonist!
The ship is his fiancée, Lucille Rosseau the Third.
He’s the mentor who swears a lot, drinks a lot, and smokes a lot. Just saying.
In this case, professor is synonymous with investigator. And he gets lost easily.
His motto is to be the most antisocial person ever.
The Asian Tech Whiz

I’ll try to make sense of this soon…

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